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Whats On-Board Exec Party Buses in 2022

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Here is a full detailed list of what you can find in our party buses

Party Bus

Mercedes-Benz 516CDI Coach Built Executive Party Bus is the minimum you can expect from our company, these busses come fully loaded with all the gadgets to make your day the best it will ever be!


Led disco lighting all around, a full lighting rig throughout the bus gives you the mood lighting and setting required for your journey, wether it be a wedding or a birthday, the lighting will move, change, strobe and flicker the way you need it to all by the click of a button!


A full Faux Leather interior, hand stitched to perfection, guaranteed commercial quality, the same as they use in nightclubs, hard during, completely washable material which is cleaned and sanitised after every use by our amazing valeting team


Full commercial flooring, wipe down, waterproof and completely resistant to all stains, this flooring not only offers a durability but also looks good in photos, similar to what you'll find in a restaurant setting


Ice Buckets, full stainless steel, large enough to house your champagne bottles and lots of ice to keep your drinks nice and cold! This makes the world of different, we also stock you up with some poly carbonate flutes and plastic cups, just to make sure your comfortable


Great way to see out the bus but gives you the complete comfort knowing that the public can't see inside, this feature offers you a great advantage knowing that your travelling passed others whilst receiving VIP treatment, our factory tints will keep you private and make you feel very important

The Walkway

A great space to me able to move around comfortably with enough head room to stand up tall, there is certainly no bending down on our vehicles. The roof lining is completely built with our LED and disco lighting throughout and offer great exposure for your photographs!

Sound System

Honestly, one of the best on board sound systems you'll ever come across! Our full surround sound is not only one of the loudest but it is also one of the clearest with an extremely powerful bass offered by state of the art sub woofers, this sound system is completely remote offering bluetooth connection so you can play your desired music, if that's not enough we will supply 4-5 different playlists, these playlists are hand picked and offer completely different Genres, wether it be 70s Charts or 2022 Urban you can choose your desired music, give us prior notice and we will prepare the sound system for you!

Heating AC

A full high spec front and rear climate control, this means you can change the hot to cold from a click of a button including full AC able to cool you down in the space of minutes, you'll have full control and be able to choose your required temperature as and when you feel like it

Monitors & Karaoke

Fancy a sing-a-long, accompanied by our 2x 32" LED monitors is our full karaoke system giving you the complete freedom to sing along with your guests, MIC's can be supplied at an additional cost but who needs MIC's when you've got company?

Party Bus Photo Booth

Our signature device, the amazing Photo Booth add on, this amazing feature run by a 12.9" iPad Pro XDR Wide Angle 12MP will allow you to take them pre-party photos and videos, wether you want to get some before and afters, a simple group photo or want to record a video of you and your friends singing to karaoke on the screens, this little party gadget will make the night, completely paperless so no need to worry about losing the photos, we will send them to you by WhatsApp, Social Media, WeTransfer, AirDrop or Email, the choice is yours!

This concludes the amazing features of our buses, I hope to hear from you soon, give us a call and we will get your Party Bus decorated and ready for you!

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